Please help me, I'm confused...

First, one of two voices on this recording is much quieter, therefore I automatically concentrate on the other. Therefore, my consciusness does not switch off, which I deem is a condition for a paraliminal. So, is it a paraliminal audio? Shall I try to be confused? - how??

Moreover, that louder voice guides me what to imagine, "do", feel. Given the above, I do it easly, hardly can do otherwise. This way, I find it a "mere" hypnosis, not a paraliminal. Why then is it called "a paraliminal"? What am I doing wrong??

Let me add, that I have listened to it six times now, each time with the above effects and confusion. Also, I use the same equipment for other paraliminals and find them fine.

I would be grateful for your explanation. This confusion doesn't help relaxing...
The PhotoReading Activator is a Paraliminal. Liste down the middle. No need to concentrate on the voices.

Confusion means your mind is working on it and close to sorting it out. The PhotoReading Activator is training you to implement the steps of the PhotoReading system. In this way it's not your normal Paraliminal.

Thank you.
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