Posted By: Mkat Activation - 04/25/18 04:08 AM

I photoread a book on law for my exams
Now during activation i’m not able to super read the text as the book is full of information and dos’nt have any unnecessary data which means every single line of text has equal importance because of that i have to go through everything and also here i don’t know if photoreading is even working...M stuck what should I do as now it feels like regular reading and nothing special.

And it takes hell of time which is the same as regular reading.
Posted By: Dana Hanson Re: Activation - 04/25/18 08:49 PM

There should be no reason you cannot SuperRead & Dip through the text, building conscious comprehension very, very quickly in layers, from whole-to-parts. Structure first, and layer upon layer of more and more detail with each 30-minute activation pass.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the level of comprehension you want, the more 30-minute activation passes you will have. You'll be building "better" comprehension that your inner mind will be able to reconstruct later at a conscious level much more efficiently. And, you will end up spending a 1/3rd to 1/5th the amount of time to achieve the same comprehension level than you would have to spend with regular slow reading, one word at a time at one speed left-to-right.
Posted By: ardianhal Re: Activation - 06/16/18 11:06 PM
Hi. I have been trying to PhR for years, but have now the determination to succeed. I belive I am doing good withall the steps, including super-reading and dipping. I feel like I am doing good, I can allow myself to find more important parts of text, 'dip' in it, write some questions... but when i finish the activation and start reading those questions, cannt answer it. Am I not doing my questions the right way, am using to much logic, what is most important thing when writting questions? Or is the problem that maybe I am still not believing (subcousiouslly) strong enough in PhR.
Posted By: ardianhal Re: Activation - 06/18/18 02:59 AM
my mother language is not english so sorry for mistakes ...
Posted By: Dana Hanson Re: Activation - 06/18/18 11:21 PM

That's a sign you need to spend more time activating the material.

How many 30-minute Activation passes have you spent on that book so far?
Posted By: ardianhal Re: Activation - 06/20/18 05:34 PM
I have done 8 passes of 30 minute activations, layered ones, wich means i have activated each part of book 2 times with super reading, diping and skitering. And i have rapid read the book after that ...anyway ill continue with more passes. Somtimes I can give answers but not not very clear ones. Thank you so much for support.
Posted By: Dana Hanson Re: Activation - 06/21/18 03:46 PM
Good good. Keep going. And a tip for getting the most out of your mind maps. When done correctly, you will add a layer of branches to your mind map with key words and prhases from your last Activation pass. Go back and review your mind map periodically. Notice the flood of detail that bubbles up in your conscious mind as you recognize the key words and prhases. Doing this will help strengthen the reconstruction of those new memory threads in the future.
Posted By: JoRinz Re: Activation - 05/17/19 09:25 AM
Mkat, what a great question, thanks for that!
And, thank you Dana for these detailed answers. My question on the topic of Activation is: Do I make a MindMap from my memory or do I do a MindMap while I do SuperReadingDippingSkittering (ie. with the information I have just read)?
Posted By: Patrick O'Neil Re: Activation - 05/17/19 01:19 PM
Hello again! Start your mind map from memory after super reading or skittering. Add to it after rapid reading.
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