Posted By: JoRinz Dismissing the info vs PostViewing - 05/16/19 03:51 PM
I am confused. The course says that I should close the PhReading step with dismissing the information (that I have just PhRead) at a conscious level. However, immediately after PhotoReading, I should PostView the book (and the info in it). How can I come up with trigger words and questions without being consciously involved with the book/information?
Hello! Paul states "let go at a conscious level and allow your inner mind to take over the processing of all that you PhotoRead". This is simply a part of the closing affirmation process to reinforce a strong belief that your inner mind is working with the information and will assist the conscious processing of the information as you activate. You use the conscious mind in the postviewing step since you will be reading some text.
Posted By: JoRinz Re: Dismissing the info vs PostViewing - 06/06/19 07:24 PM
Yes, that is exactly the citation that I found confusing and now you confirmed that it is incorrect. The words "Let go at a conscious level" should not be there between PhotoReading and PostViewing. They should appear only after PostViewing and before Activation.
Actually, it is in the correct spot.
Posted By: JoRinz Re: Dismissing the info vs PostViewing - 06/19/19 11:02 AM
Could you explain rather than only say it is correct. Again, If I let go before PostViewing, I cannot do the PostViewing. I have stated my logical rational train of thought. Please, point out when it is wrong.
You reinforce after PhotoReading the encouragement to your non-conscious mind that all the information will be available to you as needed. You then consciously Postview. When you Postview you are back to regular reading text, so, you are using your conscious mind. If you need more information, please call the office to talk this through: 952-767-9800.
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