Posted By: JohnM Subvocalizing Clarification - 08/02/20 07:16 AM
I am trying to gain a better understanding of subvocalizing and how to eliminate it. For my clarification, is this where you say the words mentally as you read them? If so, how can you possibly stop that and actually be reading? For instance, when I rapid read, I still say the words mentally and even during rhythmic perusal. If I don't, I feel like I am just pointing at words on a page without even realizing what the words are. Any thoughts or help is appreciated.
Posted By: Patrick O'Neil Re: Subvocalizing Clarification - 08/03/20 02:51 PM
HI! This may help. From the PhotoReading book:

Extremely fast readers are visual readers. They rely on a direct connection between the eye and the brain. They do not need to subvocalize—that is, mentally hear the words on the page—in order to comprehend written materials. Studies indicate that subvocalizing is not critical to comprehension. Subvocalizing every word guarantees you can never read faster than the sound of your own voice can speak (about 220 words a minute is tops). Experiment with breaking your personal “sound” barrier. To learn this system well, push your speed, trusting that comprehension will indeed catch up.

Posted By: JohnM Re: Subvocalizing Clarification - 08/04/20 04:43 AM
So basically I just notice the words on the page and avoid saying them in my head?
Posted By: Patrick O'Neil Re: Subvocalizing Clarification - 08/04/20 04:10 PM
Yes. Try to create pictures (a movie) of what you are reading. And, don't expect to get rid of subvocalizing completely.
Posted By: JohnM Re: Subvocalizing Clarification - 08/05/20 12:10 PM
I'll give it a shot.. Thanks much Patrick !!!!
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