Posted By: ragnarkar Anyone have an Oculus or other VR device? - 07/01/21 10:34 PM
I recently got an Oculus for viewing Virtual Reality content and also happened to be getting back to giving Photoreading another chance so I'm curious if anyone has tried doing photoreading with an Oculus or any other VR device on? Personally, a huge barrier I've had with doing PR in the past is being distracted by things in my periphery but VR devices seemed to have eliminated this problem for me: a big reason why I love using these VR devices right now isn't necessarily to view things in 3D but how they eliminate all other distractions: only the thing I'm viewing is displayed in front of my eyes. This would also make it easier to maintain the photofocus and <3<.. states when you don't have anything to distract your view. Only problem, right now, there are very few book reader programs available for these VR devices and the ones out there are very awkward to operate when you want to turn pages and such.

I'm thinking of creating a program for VR devices that'll aid in photoreading book loaded onto them. Possible features may include: opening PDF/Word/Txt/HTML documents, automatic blurring of pages to simulate photofocus, automatically flipping pages every x seconds, binaural beats to put you into photofocus state, etc.

What do you think?
I don't have an Oculus, but that sounds really cool! Sounds like the only reason I would buy one.
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