Posted By: Adele_Dynamite Syntopic Reading - 11/15/21 10:30 AM
Hi I am trying to recall what the steps are to 7-energy taps for good activation.
Appreciate if you could tell me what was no. 4 and 7.

1. Eyebrow centre – I set the stage with good inputs
2. Side of the eyes – I open access to my accelerative learning mind
3. Under the eyes – I ask effective questions
4. Upper lip – What was this?
5. Lower lip – I remain primary consciousness
6. Chest – I maintain positive expectancy
7. Under the arm – What was this?
8. On top of head – create one for myself
Posted By: Patrick O'Neil Re: Syntopic Reading - 11/16/21 10:03 PM
Hi Adele!
#4: I use my multiple intelligences.
#7: I recognize my genius mind and optimize my memory.
#8 could be.... I accomplish my highest purpose for reading.
Posted By: Adele_Dynamite Re: Syntopic Reading - 11/19/21 01:59 AM
Thank You Patrick for addressing my queries!
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