Posted By: lupek2 Programming languages. - 09/07/22 10:20 PM
How do you learn to program as a beginner? I photoread a programming book c+ I understand the concepts but don't know what code to type. It's like understanding the grammar of a language but not having the vocabulary to speak it.
Posted By: Patrick O'Neil Re: Programming languages. - 09/15/22 07:32 PM
Hi! I don't know how much of the PhotoReading 5-Step process you used on the programming book, so I'll answer best I can this way. If someone wants to improve their vocabulary by PhotoReading the dictionary, they really can just use Step 1 (Prepare) and 3 (PhotoRead). The rest of the process doesn't apply. Activation comes from speaking and writing the language on a daily basis. Same with learning a new language. Use steps 1 & 3 on all the books you can written in the language you are learning. To become fluent, one needs additional studies/trainings. The best activation for a computer programmer is to be active on the computer with the new program. Not knowing your book, you can at least do Steps 1 -3 in the PhotoReading process. My hunch is that you can super read and dip or skitter to build-up a structural understanding. When you get stuck with the new program as you are active with it, super read and dip to get the answer. Maybe start a mind map as your understanding builds and add to it periodically. Repeat Steps 1 & 3 once or twice a week as you continue to work with the book.
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