Posted By: Bob PR step question - 08/25/00 08:57 PM
I was going through the whole forum and came across your answer to someones question as follows.

"Well, all three editions of the PhotoReading book say to "move your gaze down from over the top of the book, so that you are looking right through the center of the book." This is the first line below the drawing of a blip page."

My question is when you say "center of the book" do you mean the point of intersection of the horizontal and vertical axis of the book ? (As in a st. line drawn through the crease of the book intersecting with a line drawn across the horizontal center of the book.)

I remember that one of the key things is to have a divergent gaze. Please clear my confusion and explain what you mean when you say a line below the blip page.
Many thanks.

Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: PR step question - 08/26/00 04:20 AM
The key is "through" the center of the book, not "at" the center of the book.

When your eyes are diverged you would be focusing beyond the book.

It is not that important whether your eyes are toward the top or bottom of the book--but through the book. That's when the blip page pops up.

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