Posted By: Dan Intuition !!! :confused: - 08/30/02 01:30 AM
How do you develope your intuition?

Any suggestions?

Posted By: Margaret Re: Intuition !!! :confused: - 08/30/02 02:41 AM
Dan, oh, Dan

1. W/ regard to PhRing? or what?
2. For PhRing, Chunyi Lin has the best advice. Get into a relaxed state where when you do not focus, you feel something. And, when you do focus that something disappears. So, when you do super/dip, really just stop as a result of an awareness that's not focused. Ask a clear question & then just stop when you feel something.

3. For development? After years of dealing w/ this, i now say that Dr. Marcia Emery's 2 books are probably the best out there. A guy called, mgrego, told me about her. He has Power Hunch and i got her Workbook. Use too for the best buy. Laura Day's Practical Intuition is also good.

4. And, if you really want to get a feel for intuition, attend a workshop w/ a really good intuitive person known for training others successfully. Something about being in the presence of a real intuitive helps.

5. I also keep meaning to buy this video that was also recommended here:

Posted By: AlexK Re: Intuition !!! :confused: - 08/30/02 02:56 AM
Dan, Image streaming is one way to go. Since intuition is really a vague sensation of your body or mind telling you something. Understanding what the sudden images that appear or how you feel when you think about something are the messages. Problem is we were taught to largely ignore those messages. Often when successfully do act on our intuition we refer to it as having had a hunch. Or had a 'gut feeling' or say a 'little voice' told me or I saw it in my 'minds eye' or even just 'somehow I knew'.

When using intuition to grab your insights on a book. In order to get in touch with those senses you need to get relaxed. Use the tangerine technique and then go to your favourite mode and ask. For the Feeling sense... How does this make me feel, describe the feeling. (write it down) Say if you feel amused, sad, excited, aprehensive etc.
For Hearing mode... ask What was said in the book and then again just describe or write down what your inner voice is saying. Everything, even if it seems out of place, write it down anyway. For the visual sense... Ask what pictures come to my minds eye... if you can write it as you see it do that, however you might prefer to just describe it out loud. For getting into touch with just knowing... Ask What do I know about this book (or what do I think I know about this book) again write it down let it come in any ideas or thoughts.

By starting with your favourite mode you become freer in getting answers from the other modes. Do a check in all the modes. You never know what you might find. While writing it down at first might seem annoying it provides a written record of your hits and near hits in understanding your intuition. You'll be able to drop it soon enough once you discover some success with your results. The questions I suggested are only starter questions you will probably develop your own.


Posted By: mgrego2 Re: Intuition !!! :confused: - 08/30/02 08:27 PM
Marcia Emery's PowerHunch is a good book. It's an interesting complement to The Einstein Factor. They are very similar in some ways. She teaches something very much like imagestreaming as a means of "listening" to your intuition.

I think part of the issue is that we are so outwardly focused. Unless intuition takes a 2x4 to the back of our head, we miss it.

So, Margaret is correct--the Marcia Emery stuff will help. Alex is correct--the imagestreaming will help. Anything that turns your attention inward and gives you an opportunity to notice your internal signals is worthwhile.

In my case, using the Silva Method of going to alpha has resulted in a dramatic improvement in intuition and creativity (I think they're related, so I'm not surprised).

For example, I was talking to a woman one day and she told me that I would never guess her middle name. Not 2 seconds after she said that, it "popped" into my mind. When I told her, she was amazed. I then somehow knew who her last relationship had been with at work and that this person had been fired. It was all very odd because I didn't know her very well and had only heard the mention of her former flame once, in passing, from an entirely different person and on an entirely different topic. Couldn't even begin to understand how all the pieces came together in my head, but they did and we were both shocked.

1. Learn to go to alpha
2. Imagestream
3. Listen to paraliminals and pay attention to your inner experience as you listen
4. Do anything else that relaxes you and relaxes your internal editor/critic

Any of these things should help.

Posted By: Margaret Re: Intuition !!! :confused: - 08/30/02 09:31 PM
Very interesting that you, Alex and i are all using Silva Method as well. I was going to mention Silva to Dan, but then too much input can be overwhelming. Silva methods are a part of my everyday life.

I did think about the paraliminals Prosperity, New Behavior and Personal Genius as worthwhile to listen to.

I also have included Emery's affirmations. The one about hearing the light taps of intuition as well as the loud raps brought immediate changes when i started it. The affirmations in her workbook are so insightful.

Last night at dinner, i gave an example of something & the guy i eat lunch w/ said, "Do you know that actually just happened?" He had heard it on the news coming to work. I was shocked. Loved your story

Posted By: Dan Re: Intuition !!! :confused: - 08/30/02 10:52 PM
Thanks for the ideas

Untill a couple of months ago I had never heard of "image streaming" I'm still only vague about it but I'll do a search on it.

The reason I ask is that I know I am so very close in my Pr break through. I just have this feeling that something is not quite ready( maybe right...I can't really explain it) I have "Personal Genuis" and I have been trying to see my "Stop sign" (Natural Brillance)so that I can notice, play experiment and then remove it. I don't recongnize what my stop sign is.

If I use Youngprer as a 10 on the scale and a Neewbie as a 1, them I think I am probally a 6 or a 7 on the scale. I don't have any self doubt about PR... yet I know that a small hill has to be climbed before a major mile stone can be reached.

Today out of know where a fact "The Rule of Ten" came into my mind, the other day a simple equation came to my understanding in a simple way.

I have been going to sleep right after listening to "Dream Play" and awakening very tired for the last two weeks. (something is happening but I don't know what)

I am sorry about my rambling. but I'm sure someone on this form has had the same feelings and can help explain it to me.

any Ideas?

Posted By: AlexK Re: Intuition !!! :confused: - 08/31/02 03:19 AM

The Genius Code is excellent for imagestreaming it also lets you work out the messages that come from image streams. Since the internal mind seems to talk in metaphors, especially with image stream. I actually found that the technique predicted time and place of events and breakthroughs for my project. Also I developed from it a technique that for me surpasses image streaming. I am still experimenting with it to see how far it can really go for me.

One factor why we fail to notice out intuition is not so much that we failed to notice it but allowed our 'lodgical' mind to argue against the information we've received. In this way our feeling sense often is the strongest. It is the most accurate. Have you ever felt out of sorts with what was going on around you. For example... It's a beautiful day there is no apparent reason for you to feel sad and yet you do. Then days later you find out a dear friend faviourite Aunt had died that day. Usually we make no connections to these two things and yet in all probablity there was a connection.

So starting with the feeling sense if you are feeling out of sorts you could be picking up some vibes from somewhere. It makes a very good point for keeping a journal when you are starting to try and get into touch with your intuition.


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