Posted By: flex22 MindManager - 07/17/03 11:27 AM
Does anyone use MindManager to produce mind maps.I have a trial version of the enterprise edition.This is expensive though but they to have cheaper versions.I was wondering if the cheap versions are good enough or should I buy the enterprise edition to produce better mind maps.Thanks.

Posted By: mgrego2 Re: MindManager - 07/17/03 02:51 PM
The standard edition should provide the functionality that you need (with, perhaps, a little less flexibility and fewer graphics). Have you looked at ? Their product creates mindmaps that are a little more professional looking and it's a little more intuitive to use (IMHO).

Posted By: Iam2 Re: MindManager - 07/17/03 04:53 PM
Search for other threads, on this forum. Mind mapping software has come of several times. I know Dan uses a software package for all his mind maps. He uses the PWMS every day. He seems happy with the software he uses.

Good luck,

Posted By: THEChangLiu Re: MindManager - 07/17/03 11:51 PM
Who is Dan?

Paper is the best (IMHO).

Computer is just for fun and exercise, but I think it takes out the whole hand to paper deal. Also it reduces the artistic abilities of one to doodle and draw sketches on the MM, which I think helps a lot and gather constructive focus onto the topic.


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Posted By: x Re: MindManager - 07/18/03 02:41 AM
i use mindman personal freeware. download it here.

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Posted By: flex22 Re: MindManager - 07/18/03 11:10 AM
I totally agree with Chang.I went out and bought a load of paper and crayons (felt like a kid again) and drew a few mind maps.I do prefer this way, only it seems to take so long and I have so many ideas in my head that I feel a computerized way of doing things would allow me to get ideas out quicker.

Posted By: THEChangLiu Re: MindManager - 07/18/03 04:04 PM
MindMapping book recommends the A3 size paper, I use the regular copy machine paper and tap those together. Its lots of fun. :P

Flex, we're all kids no matter at what age. :P

Posted By: Eric_G Re: MindManager - 07/18/03 08:30 PM
I've been using MindManager to produce mind maps for couple of years and it's very good tool. You can use the cheapest version for producing quality mind maps. The enteprice edition has a lot of advanced functionalities for example on how to sycnronize the mind map with MS project, outlook, etc... basicaly it's also possible to manage the tasks and time shcedule visualy with the mind map (I have not used this yet). There is also posibilities to brainstorm mind maps with group of people in different location via web, etc... (very good for business in varius locations). For basic mapping by one person the cheapest version works fine.

I'm just starting PhotoReading with the PLC and just used MM for brainstorming the activation questions. It's very fast and easy to modify afterwards with image's. I will start the Tape 6 B on How to Activate Book 2, right after this message :-)

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