Posted By: JohnA From the Retreat - 10/20/08 12:12 PM
During the retreat Chunyi spoke about an exercise that will make the children to grow taller. What exercise is that?

Also, to give women more energy during periods, which direction of the hands was that. Is it the same as enlarging the breasts, but touching the nipples here?
Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: From the Retreat - 10/20/08 01:52 PM
Aloha JohnA,

Chunyi talked about the heart thymus regulating the growth, so if their height is out of wack with what would be considered outside the normal range considering their hereditary, that would be the first place to work on.

Check out you Level Two manual for the breast massage that help balance the body's energy during periods.

Much Love, Shawn
Posted By: ADHIS Re: From the Retreat - 10/27/08 05:39 AM
I really miss the meditations during the retreat. I loved my experience TOTALLY there.
Thanks for the 100 day calendar it's helping me stay on target better. I wanted to know a little more about the lotus meditation 'Chant'. I bought the CD but I still don't know how the words 'really'(I sing it, but I am not sure I am saying the right thing), what do these words mean?
I also listen to the heart chant and would love to have an idea of what is being chanted. I can only make out the word master but that is the extent of that.
Posted By: syl Re: From the Retreat - 10/27/08 11:02 PM
The 6 word chant can be found in Master Chunyi Lin book "Born a Healer". ONG MA LEE BAE MAE HONG .
Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: From the Retreat - 11/06/08 10:47 PM
You can also do an internet search for Heart Sutra. There are many translations out there.

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