Posted By: CNoelJ Reverse Breathing - 08/06/14 09:03 PM
I have been practising SFQ for two years or so and received much benefit from it. I have recently discovered that my breathing has not been as recommended (ie reverse breathing). I have employed breathing techniques as learned from other personal development teaching. This discovery has knocked me back a bit. How important is it to use this breathing technique and how do I change as I have now developed a habit? I have read that forcing a change from regular breathing to reverse breathing can be detrimental to well being and a cause of stress

I understand the good, best, and better principle yet I would like to derive the best possible benefits.

Any help would be appreciated

Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: Reverse Breathing - 08/25/14 12:49 PM
Dear CNoelJ,

Master Lin would of course, say to do whatever you are comfortable with.

He has found the reverse breathing to make a difference int he healing process and recommends it.

I usually recommend students do it for their first three berths at the beginning of their exercise or meditation and then let it go and return to any relaxed, slow, even breath they are used to. That way they can do a little practice with the reverse breathing, but keep the focus on the exercises and meditation.

Much Love,

Posted By: CNoelJ Re: Reverse Breathing - 08/25/14 06:34 PM
Thank you Shawn. That is essentially what I have started to do and it is becoming much easier than I anticipated. I am not going to stress over it and allow it to develop in its own time
Posted By: Infinity Re: Reverse Breathing - 10/07/14 08:45 AM
Hi I have been doing the SFQ for about a year and have also just been doing full belly breathing up until a week ago.

The reverse breathing feels much more powerful but is taking a little getting used to.

Do you all pull the perineum up too?

Thanks Shawn Grim for a great answer.

Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: Reverse Breathing - 11/17/14 05:04 PM
Posted By: sunbeam Re: Reverse Breathing - 03/27/21 05:26 PM
Hello everyone smile

This has helped a lot. I'm very new to SFQ and found trying to do the reverse breathing while doing the sitting meditations and active exercises rather tricky. This is a great suggestion and will try this later when I do the active exercises. I've felt a lot of energy when I've practised reverse breathing when walking along outdoors or sitting down at home.

Thank you again 🙏🏽
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