Posted By: gecko66 A couple of basic questions about SFQ - 05/01/16 12:59 PM
Hello everybody,

I've just started SFQ again after a long time away.

I'm hoping someone can answer a couple of questions I have.

1. When I complete active exercises, do I always have to do the full set of ending exercises as Master Lin does on the dvd?

(I often do qigong late at night when others in my household are sleeping and some of the patting exercises are quite noisy)

Is it sufficient enough to rub the face, comb the hair and massage the ears in order to end/close?

2. Regarding washing hands or face immediately after practice, does this mean for 30 mins? Or simply a few mins?

Thanks kindly.

Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: A couple of basic questions about SFQ - 06/29/16 03:53 PM
Hi gecko66,

If you notice on the Small Universe and Self-Concentration exercises, Chunyi does a shortened version of the ending exercises. They are there to bring yu out of the exercise/meditation, and help clear blockages and energy as well.

So, no, you do not need to do them all. Your "rub the face, comb the hair and massage the ears" is a good abbreviation. Fi you need more to "come out of it," you'll know.

IF you have the time do them, as they are qigong exercises on their own. If it is late and you don't want to wake others and you are going to head to bed in just a little while anyway, then don't do them, go to bed, and do your abbreviated closing exercises as you get out of bed. Heck, doing your meditation or exercises before bed, wrap them up with stating in your mind, my body is going to continue my exercise and healing while I am asleep until I wake up." This tends to work better for folks with and evening meditation, like the small universe, where they put the intention of continuing the mediation even after they fall asleep.


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