Posted By: gecko66 Qigong/teeth/dental health - 01/19/19 05:31 AM
Hello SFQ friends,

Does Master Lin suggest anything that can help with teeth/dental health?

I've got a number of teeth that aren't in great shape from a combination of factors.

(Teeth that decay easily/weak enamel - possibly genetic, grinding teeth in sleep, and some poor work by dentists that I've seen over the years.)

I should mention that I brush/floss everyday and try not to eat any sugar, but I'm just wondering if there's any Qigong techniques that may help.

I've been trying to remember to send them love consistently.

Can swordfingers be used on teeth? Or would this be unwise?

Any other suggestions most appreciated.

Thanks kindly.
Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: Qigong/teeth/dental health - 02/07/19 07:44 PM
Hi gecko66,

One of the first things that pops into my head is remembering Chunyi talking about in his classes a long time ago wink was not to put energy back into the teeth after clearing the extra energy/blockages. They belong to the Lung System, so clear the lungs and the relative area of the spine.

He did an entire session in the Deep Healing for Health Conditions series on Teeth and Gums that will be available for purchase again on February 26th, I believe. So give a call to Learning Strategies then to see if you can order the session.

Much Love,

Posted By: gecko66 Re: Qigong/teeth/dental health - 02/28/19 06:22 AM

Thanks Shawn for replying, appreciate your thoughts.

So just to clarify, that session on Teeth and Gums is available from Learning Strategies (not from SFQ)?

Kind regards.
Posted By: Delta7210 Re: Qigong/teeth/dental health - 03/01/19 07:52 PM
Yes Learning Strategies will have them on sale until the 25th of March

I bought a couple of them in the past they are nice.They go a bit more in depth than Master Lin's book Head-to-Toe healing

All the best
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