Posted By: gecko66 Qigong/summer practice/sweating - 08/23/19 04:23 AM

Hello SFQ people,

Maybe a strange question, but is it bad to sweat alot during qigong practice?

It gets pretty darn hot where I live, and when I do the active exercises in summer (particularly with bent legs) I tend to sweat quite a bit.

I intuitively feel that the active exercises are better for me than the meditations, but find myself less inclined to want to do them in the summer months due to the sweating.

A previous style of qigong I did had some cautions about doing qigong in front of a fan/air con.

Just wondering if any one has any advice/tips for practicing in the hotter months?

Thanks kindly.
Posted By: Shawn_Grim Re: Qigong/summer practice/sweating - 08/23/19 02:56 PM
It can definitely be a sweaty experience in warm weather and more so the more you bend your knees. The sweating is a good thing, but I get what you are saying.

The main thing is not to be chilled during or right after doing qigong. if a fan is blowing it's okay if it's not causing a chill and I recommend facing into it unless it's pointing away from you.

Much Love,

Posted By: gecko66 Re: Qigong/summer practice/sweating - 08/29/19 12:32 AM

Many thanks for your insights Shawn, not just on this post, but on this forum in general.
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