I had the first of three telephone sessions with Chunyi Lin six weeks ago. Two more are scheduled for next month.

I haven't noticed any physical results (I have many health problems) since my session. I also did not feel any connection with Chunyi Lin during the session.

This is definitely not meant in criticism, but rather in the sense that I didn't know what to ask to further my healing and to get information about what is needed and what to expect..

Please can anyone tell me what they did to get a more satisfactory feeling about their telephone session with Chunyi Lin?
Or what can I do to have a better feeling about my sessions?

MB, you're not alone. I don't feel Master Lin's energy when I have a phone session, or while at a retreat. Maybe it's because I'm looking to find that powerful surge. Maybe my searching takes me out of the moment of being. Maybe looking for it has expectations associated with it and so I miss what is really happening. I don't know.

I know that when I visualize Master Lin's energy joining with mine I have a lovely experience.

At the retreat, lots of people describe feeling the master's energry or the group energy... Maybe I need to more progress in some area before I can share those experiences.

Which I could help more than say, have water ready and meditate or sleep after the session.

Your are perfection.

I have been to many qigong retreats with other teachers and always feel them to be much more powerful in a seminar then with stand-alone practices.

One of the reasons is that I am highly kinesthetic and as such have a strong awareness of my body.

I have tried the active exercises in the Spring Forest system twice now and certainly find it to be a powerful practice. Every form I have tried has a different feeling and flavor of energy. Playing with the life force certainly is fun.

I am interested that you wrote this letter MB because I had a phone session with Jim Nance and felt no difference at all. So then I booked in three weekly sessions with Master Chunyi which start this week. After you wrote your letter, I was hoping that there would be lots of replies of other people;s experiences. Perhaps this will still happen.
Hi MB,
I had a telephone session a few days ago and have been feeling good energy since, but nothing specific.
However I felt the gentleness and loving of the master when I actually spoke to Chunyi and felt really appreciated to be abel to have the opportunity. Perhaps you might get more out of a session if you prepare for it by tuning into your heart and just allowing without expectations. I feel my morning practice is more special now,.
Can anyone reading this tell me what junior member means?
Dear Spring Forest Qigong Members,

Thanks for your helpful advice. I feel your loving support.

I just had my second session with Chunyi, and it was wonderful. Your support (and that of the SFQ person on the telephone) made the difference.

Iam2, your advice was exactly what I needed. And Radiant Joy, I love your phrase "tune into your heart."

I was able to ask two questions, which were just the right ones. They received a healing response from Chunyi Lin.

I must have tuned into my heart, for I let go of all expectations and just focused on the wonderful privilege of healing time with Chunyi Lin. MB

you dont need to worry about the material telephone it is only a light in the darkness, you are the universe within!!! .chunyi lin has shown one way help your self through breath and love
I sent my thoughts of love peace be with you.

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