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Learning Strategies

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There are a lot of people on this call, but just in case someone on the Forum missed the email, I've included it below.

The recordings end up on your My Library -digital library, so you still have access to the past sessions even if you are starting this or next month. -Shawn

What is more powerful than Spring Forest Qigong?

We've looked at dozens of programs in the last 15 years, read hundreds of books, attended countless seminars, and traveled the world to meet healers.
Yes, there are great healing programs out there, but we haven't found any program that virtually everyone can use to get real results. Other than Spring Forest Qigong.

Spring Forest Qigong is easy to learn and simple to do. Yet if you've attended our retreats with Chunyi Lin, you know how deep and richly sophisticated it really is.

Over the holidays Chunyi and I spent many hours to consider what information has been vital to help people heal. We have dozens of case studies and thousands of testimonials (over 4,000 testimonials in the last year alone).
Plus, between the staff of Chunyi's healing center and our coaches at Learning Strategies we have an immense database of information that could be invaluable for you.

This is information you could use to help yourself heal of most any symptom while opening your heart and becoming a better person. And now you can get this information.
For the first time ever, we're putting it together in a 12-month live teleseminar series called "Deep Healing," and we would like you to join us.
We believe the information you will learn and the inspiration and motivation you will receive can alter your life. Please keep reading, because it begins in a few days.

Chunyi Lin's brand new "Deep Healing"

Session 1
Deep Healing All Day Long
During this year of Deep Healing you'll learn how to achieve ­ and maintain for years to come ­ higher levels of health, energy, and peacefulness through your Spring Forest Qigong practice.

In your first session Chunyi will talk about the best times of day to meditate and to practice. He'll tell you which days of the month to practice more and what times of year will support your health the greatest.

You'll learn how to turn your walking, sleeping, eating, exercising, traveling, reading, watching TV ­ almost anything ­ into a Qigong practice of deep healing. You'll learn the Qigong way of life. You'll learn how Chunyi lives his day and what you can do to walk in the shoes of a master.
(While the sessions will be live, you will receive unlimited access to recordings of the sessions so that you can play them as many times as you would like.)

Session 2
Deep Healing through Breathing

The three most important aspects of Spring Forest Qigong practice are controlled breathing, focused concentration, and simple movement. We will focus on breathing in this session, because simple adjustments in your breathing could have an immediate effect on your health.

You will learn about the deep healing benefits of slow breathing. You'll learn how to breathe with focus using your lower Dantian and by breathing through your skin. In the "Breathing of the Universe" Active Exercise you are already asked to imagine energy coming in through every cell of your body. Chunyi will expand on this to help you understand what is really happening, why it is important, and how to use this type of breathing through all of your practice.

You will also learn to harvest the powerful energy of breathing with feelings and emotions‹there are times when this could be very, very powerful. You will learn how to use visualizations and images such as light and butterflies.

Session 3
Deep Healing through the Mind

The thoughts zipping through your head as well as those sticking and lingering have immense effects on your health and your spiritual well-being.
Both positive and negative.

You probably understand that your attitude and your outlook on life can affect you, but how do you know whether your attitude is healthy or whether it is really eating away at your vitality?

Your emotions and how you respond to what happens in life can be toxic, even though you may think everything is okay.
Your mind is incredibly powerful, yet it can be challenging to harness and guide. Chunyi will help align your mind to support the health of your body and your day-to-day well-being.
He will help you determine where you are right now, and he will help train you to make the adjustments you need.

Session 4
Deep Healing through the Heart

Chunyi has had gigantic breakthroughs these past few years in his understanding of the heart and the role it plays in our health.

So many are confused by or have misunderstood what the "heart" is. Are we talking about the heart organ (which has a tremendous mass of brain cells)?
Or are we talking about the energy center in the area of the heart? What are the differences? What are the connections to the subconscious mind? What is the mind/heart/body connection? Why is this all-important for you to understand?

You will also explore where you might find benefits outside of your health and well-being. As an example, Chunyi will tell the story of a volleyball competition where the team with an open heart won. He'll share stories of what can happen in work and other areas of your life.

For many, this session will cause a radical and welcomed transformation. Be ready!

Session 5
Deep Healing through Energy Buttons

There are energy buttons in your hands, on your feet, and throughout your body that when activated can change how energy flows through your body. In many cases, these can help heal symptoms quite quickly.

These buttons, as Chunyi calls them, can be activated by pressing, massaging, cupping, or focusing your attention on them. Learn about them, and experiment on your own. You will receive a handout with the buttons Chunyi discusses.

Session 6
Deep Healing using Your Body

You've heard Chunyi talking about bending your knees, opening your fingers, drawing your chin back, and keeping the spine straight during various Active Exercises and Sitting Meditations. These instructions are more important than most people realize. They are actually indispensable ways to accelerate the healing of your body.

Chunyi will help you understand the significance of many of these instructions, and give you easier ways to comply. You will learn how to use the wisdom of your body to heal your body.

Since each of the sessions will be about a month apart, you will have plenty of time to integrate what you learn into your life and into your practice.
And if you have questions in between sessions, you will always be able to talk with our coaches to get practical answers.

Session 7
Deep Healing through Sounds

All universal and life information is carried through sound waves. A lot of people have heard of this before without really understanding what it means.
Chunyi will help you understand it viscerally so it aids in your physical and mental healing and helps you in your spiritual development and enlightenment.

You will learn about the sounds in the "Small Universe" meditation, what they mean, and how you can use those two sounds outside of the meditation in your day to day life.
You'll learn about the "Six Word Chant" you may have experienced at the Spring Forest Qigong Retreat or other events or when viewing the Your Healing Power DVD. Chunyi will talk about the healing influences that come through the vibrations of each of the six words. You'll be able to chant along with Chunyi during the session.

Session 8
Deep Healing in the Present Moment

What is the deep healing power of feeling the present moment?
It is so easy to let your mind wander while doing the Active Exercises and Sitting Meditations, and that is okay. It is better to be engaged in the present moment with focused, conscious concentration and deep feeling.

During this session Chunyi will help you overcome the boringness of Qigong practice and find joy in every moment so it is easier to stay present.

You will learn how to feel the energy moving in your body and how to focus on the feelings of energy instead of the feelings of symptoms.

You'll learn Chunyi's secrets to bringing your focus back to the present moment when you find your mind wandering.

Session 9
Deep Healing with Love

"What the world needs now is love sweet love." "All you need is love." "Love lifts you up where we belong." As so many popular song lyrics say, "The most powerful healing energy in the world is love."

By understanding the three levels of love‹conditional love, unconditional love, and universal unconditional love‹you will learn how to use love to heal physical challenges, mend a broken heart, and guide your daily life.

Many people find it easy to bring unconditional love into their relationships. Chunyi will help you bring it to every aspect of your life including shopping at the grocery store, playing sports, working at the office, and learning anything new. Bringing this powerful force into all areas of your life does not mean you'll turn into a "flower child"; however it does mean your relationships will transform, your life will be smoother than you ever imagined, and your body will heal quicker and stay healthy!

Take it further and embrace universal unconditional love. It is like the difference between sparks from a campfire and fireworks!

Session 10
Deep Healing through Generational Energy

During the "Small Universe" meditation you call on "generational energy."
What is this? How can you use it outside of meditations? Is it something that can transform your life, even your work life?

Chunyi will help you use generational love in building your perfect life and body. You'll learn to access the wisdom and energy system of your ancestors, and your creator.
You will also learn more about what Chunyi means when he says energy healing is information healing, message healing, and signal healing.

Session 11
Deep Healing through Material Items

There are primarily two kinds of energy. That in emotions and that in material items.

There is no good energy or no bad energy appearing naturally in material items. Your emotions and how you live your life, however, can cause things to activate good or bad energy.
For example, if you are passionate about playing the piano, a piano can activate good energy within you. If you hate playing the piano, a piano can activate bad energy. The same could be said for almost any thing in your life.

Here's another example: consider how Buddha experienced enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. Anyone who sits there now will feel better, because his energy is there. When someone who admires Buddha sees another Bodhi tree, they feel better because their belief activates positive energy that they can feel.

Chunyi will help you use your wisdom to find things that support your goals and your health. He'll also give you the secret to having every item in your environment activate positive, deep healing energy for you.

Session 12
Deep Healing through Forgiveness

For some people, forgiveness is very difficult. Someone might say, "Yes, I am forgiving but I will never forgive __________."

What you may not know is forgiveness can be the quickest way to self-healing. Blockages can disappear by simply saying "I forgive you" or by feeling forgiveness in your heart.

That's why the tenets of Spring Forest Qigong have always been Love, Kindness, and Forgiveness.

To forgive is love in action. To forgive is to let go of the story, which is not real any more.

Chunyi will teach you how to forgive yourself and to forgive others on three
levels: physical, mental, and spiritual.
When you experience forgiving with no exceptions, your heart softens, your life lightens, and you heal.

How will Deep Healing work?

You will join us on the telephone or on the Internet once a month for between one and a half hours and two hours. If you miss the live sessions, you will be able to stream or download the recordings. These recordings will always be available for you through your online digital Library at no additional charge.

The first 60 to 90 minutes will be Chunyi's teachings followed by up to 30 minutes of Questions and Answers. If you are listening to the live presentation over the Internet you will be able to type in questions on anything that Chunyi talked about.

If you have any questions in between sessions, you are welcome to call our coaches at Learning Strategies during business hours, send us an email, visit our online Discussion Forum, or interact on Facebook.

Chunyi encourages you to listen to each session more than once in the month.
We suggest that you relisten to each session yearly. Having studied with Chunyi for 15 years, I personally know the value of the repetition.

Each month you will receive an email reminder for the upcoming session. They are scheduled to begin at noon US Central Time on these dates:

All sessions will be on Thursdays.

January 31
May 30
September 26
February 28
June 27
October 31
March 28
July 18
November 21
April 25
August 29
December 19

You will receive a download of each session.

(We are planning to do the sessions live with Chunyi. Because of travel and other scheduling conflicts, as many as four of the sessions might be recorded in advance. We'll let you know.)

Are there prerequisites?

Deep Healing goes hand-in-hand with Level One of Spring Forest Qigong. Level One has been available through seminars and workshops, the Spring Forest Qigong audio/video course, and the Spring Forest Healingfest. You do not have to practice Spring Forest Qigong to enroll in Deep Healing, but you will clearly receive more benefit if you practice.

Deep Healing is not the same as the Level One course. The audio/video course has four hours of instruction, and Deep Healing will have at least eighteen hours as you explore various aspects of your own energy healing in considerable depth.

Affordable at 12 payments of $25 Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

To make it easy as possible, we will charge your card $25 once a month for
12 months. You may cancel at any time in the first 60 days and receive a full refund.

Enroll in Deep Healing today.
Your first session is Thursday, January 31, 2013!

You can enroll on our
safe and secure website or you can call us toll-free at 1-866-292-1861. We are happy to help you in any way we can.

I hope you see the great opportunity Chunyi is making available for you through Deep Healing. The information you will receive has made a huge difference in the lives of thousands over the years. Even if you've been to Chunyi's seminars and retreats, we know you will receive huge benefit.
Chunyi recommends that even his best and most dedicated students participate, so please enroll today.

If you have any questions, please write back or call. The first session is January 31, just a few days away.

For your health,

Pete Bissonette

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Learning Strategies

Joined: Oct 2001
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We just wrapped up March's "Deep Healing through the Heart" session, and it was the best one yet. I liked the way he'd stop and take us through a visualization and meditaiton on the piece we just talked about, rather than leture, lecture, lecture.

Much Love,


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Joined: May 2009
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Can I still join?

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