Weight is clearly an issue for many people.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, it's critical you get your nonconscious mind aligned with your intentions.

For the most part you already know what foods to eat and what to avoid. You also know you need movement and exercise. What we recommend here will make it all easier, because you will be using your nonconscious mind to help you more naturally shift your body weight.

Here's what you do:

Listen to Ideal Weight daily for at least eight days, alternating Session A with Session B. This will help get your body into a natural balance as you reconnect with your innermost ideal self and become more aware of the signals your body already sends you. You'll find yourself losing 1 to 2 percent of your body weight a week.

Then listen periodically whenever you feel you need support. It might be weekly, monthly, or once a quarter.

For sure listen to Session B before any holiday weekend or big celebration. I never ever overeat on holiday weekends when I use Session B in advance.

Be clear on this: Ideal Weight is not magic. It is an authentic approach of self-love and clear choices. You must persistently desire and willingly act to change your weight. Ideal Weight then frees you to achieve the size and shape of your body according to your natural ideal.

These Paraliminals can also help: [/i]Self-Esteem Supercharger, New Behavior Generator, New History Generator, Anxiety-Free, Break the Habit, Self-Discipline,[/i] and Get Around To It. Come to think of it, all Paraliminals can be supportive.

Ideal Weight leads you through a gentle, steady process that works because it helps you adjust your weight at a rate that is natural for your body. This helps you maintain your ideal weight permanently.

Paul Scheele says, "Getting back into balance can be remarkably easy. Your success begins with love and relaxation. Re-establishing connection with your inner nature invites your infinite intelligence to open again. You end your struggle by choosing self-love, focusing on what is true, and providing what you need physically. Ideal Weight is the perfect facilitator to bring you back to your best self."

The next step is yours. Begin today.

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