A friend began showing cognitive issues. What would take only a few minutes last year, began taking a couple of hours this year. Almost anything would overwhelm him.

He is single, caretakes his mother, and has a tremendous list of projects. It was easy to find time by skimping on eating. He began missing a meal or two a day. Soon he was going days without eating.

That’s easy for someone who doesn’t often feel hunger like the rest of us.

But symptoms of malnutrition began showing (candy-as-a-meal didn’t help the situation either). When he realized it and shifted his eating patterns, his cognitive issues began improving.

If you want to improve your eating choices and patterns, here are a few great Paraliminal options:

New Behavior Generator – Session A will help you deal with unwanted behaviors such as skipping meals or eating highly processed foods. Session B will help you acquire new eating behaviors. Having a great role model in mind will help when you use Session B.

New Action Generator – Session A will help you automatically make better eating choices. Session B will help you automatically take the action you need, like healthful shopping, preparing meals, and taking time for meals.

There’s nothing wrong with having problems in your life. Just don’t hide them or run from them. Take a personal initiative to resolve them. The Paraliminals are effective tools you can use to get beyond challenges and live a great life.

In the situation of my friend, he wasn’t noticing the cognitive issues. Luckily his friends and co-workers noticed them, spoke up, and took a stand for him. I’m proud of those who wanted to help him, and even more so, I’m proud of him for listening and being open to make changes.

Are you open to the changes that will make your life better? If so, the Paraliminals are here for you.

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