Hi, all, I'm new to the forum here, but I allready had some new ideas for exercises. Any of you like music without words? Orchestral peices, instrumental play? Maybe you should try sitting down for a while and drawing what you see when you imagine what the music is describing. Not everybody, of course, will get the same images, or even maybe the same sort of exercise out of this, but I'm certain it has beneficial effects. Or at the very least that it is relaxing and fun. Also, another mental exercise that's fun is keeping a journal of all the conversations you've had during the day. You won't be very complete at first in getting them down but I think eventually your memory should improve and you'll be able to remember them better. Maybe include details after awhile, like what the other person was wearing, or what actions they performed while in conversation. At the very least it will improve your writing skill! As long as you're doing this, think about improving your handwriting. *shrugs* Or think up your own thing. Personalise it a little.