It appears that many individuals have a difficult time seeing a mental picture in their mind. I have developed a teaching aid to bridge the visual and audio in initial image stream learning.
You will first have to go purchase a FISHER PRICE VIEW MASTER. IT COSTS ABOUT FIVE DOLLARS in any Target store..or toy store. Find a quiet place and look into the VIEW MASTER. Begin to describe in detail the depth, focus, characters, etc. of each view. This should be done verbally. Finish an entire reel and then go about your business for a few hours. Later on mentally view the different scenes...the colors...characters..see the depth..focus.
This is a good introduction to image streaming that should get you on the right track. Too many of us get discouraged in the beginning and fail to follow thru. This technique should be viewed as training wheels on a bike...as the mind develops and sharpens..we will be able to remove the training wheels (view master) and ride on our own.
Happy holidays to all. bradshor@homemail.com