I like the presentation of GC. It's nicely organized.

Using the book: The Einstein Factor, i have kept up w/ one exercise Win gives. I keep a group of no more than 6 questions on 3X5 cards. As i answer one, i think up something else to add.

I use my tape recorder and MMing to get down my images. Truthfully image streaming is just too long for my fast-paced life. I do as little image streaming as i can b/c the more involved it is, the longer it takes to interpret. Plus, i'm not in it for kicks, i.e., the fun of seeing images flash by. I just want accurate intuitive answers to my queries. period

So---note this i used my SOFT GAZE from PhRing to find myself some tarot cards at B&N. There were a million & yet my hand found Magic Mirrors by Uma Reed of Hay House. There are only 12 cards w/ a symbol on each card. I even covered them w/ contact paper b/c they are terrific. I followed her directions to the letter for them...except that i MMed my stuff.

I've had excellent success doing this:
1. pick out a 3X5 card from my pile of 6. I don't look at the question. Put it to the side.

2. Pick up my tape recorder and generate 3 images that give me the same answer to the question but in 3 different ways. If my image stream lasts longer and the images are flying, then i record them. Otherwise, i just stop. I leave it open for potential stuff.

3. Rewind the taperecorder & MM it all out. If a word hits me, i will use analograffiti w/ it or more MMing. At this point, i still have not looked at the question.

4. I turn the card over and see how my answers compare w/ the question. Like today, i had a bot-belly stove, old time locomotive and the man picking up dust in the NYT photo for the drought in Col. When i MMed them out, i was disgusted to see that all my amplifications had to do w/ the past and my question was about my consulting work. I said: Heavens! When are you ever going to just let go of the past and move on!!! I could not, in any way, understand how my images could answer my specific question which was: Am i correct to target high school students?

5. Out came the MM cards!!! I just closed my eyes and let my energy flow into them. I picked a card for each image. I picked a Heart---Dharma Wheel---Yin/Yang. In an instant i understood the images and interpretation. What my conscious mind interpreted as hang-ups in the past were really not that at all!!! The pot-belly stove was xxxx from my childhood, but that person was someone i LOVED. The train like the kind i rode in India was about DHARMA/Duty!!!! There's all kinds of good stuff in my past and it's there to support me in my future

I really can't say enuff for these MM cards. First, because there are only 12 and two because they are paintings and are not male or female oriented. They are just beautiful. The story of how they came about is totally wonderful and beautiful.