"Just Bliss Out and Play"... tis more than it appears!

1. "Just" tells you to stop thinking about doing something or stop whining or stop finding reasons why you can't.

2. "bliss out" means to essentially break any negative emotional state and to feel good, to feel whole to be in the alpha/flow state.

3. "AND" the and is very important, because the problem with the Eastern way with professional buddhists and such is that they 'just bliss out' and that's it. they are removed from the world. Our culture will not support this, so it is important to try to combine that blissful state with some sort of activity. Combine the BEING with DOING.

4. "Play" I could have said work... but who wants to work? One of the things that i've learned from Paul is that our whole-mind becomes engaged when we look upon a task as fun--children are the best learners. Work is drudgery; it is undesirable. When work is seen as a game, it is ever-blissful, ever-efficient, ever-desirable to do. Everything that I 'have to' do becomes a game. lovely.

So, there you have it,

from Just Do It
to Just Bliss Out and Play

plus, every time I read it on my monitor or on the wall or it comes to mind, it makes me laugh or smile to myself, because it sounds so ridiculous. It instantly breaks any negative pattern of thinking. And it kind of makes me feel like the little happy, joyous, zany, genius kid I used to be.

good stuff. ideal for photoreading, for socializing, for sports... hell, it's good for just about everything.

This is more in line with Tony Robbins view of spirituality. Too many, he says, go off to their own corner and BE spiritual. He says, BE spiritual *while* you DO work.

Imagine... having fun and blissing out *while* you work, WHAT A CONCEPT!!! I love it!