In light of our new, changed world...

Over the past year we have had considerable
discussion at Learning Strategies about the
value of Reflection and Resiliency.

Reflection helps put everything in
perspective, calms the body, mind, and soul,
and de-hecticizes our lives. Those who
practice disciplines such as Spring Forest
Qigong, or follow the sessions of Euphoria,
listen to the Personal Celebration series
(especially the BEING program), meditate, or
pray know of which I speak.

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back in
the face of a set back, road block, tragedy,
and the like. Some people are naturally
resilient. Some are not. My best friends are
resilient--I guess that is something that
attracts me to people. But, I also have a
friend who is not resilient, and she is having
a very difficult time with the events.

In July and August Paul and I decided to move
forward developing and publishing programs on
a Relections with Bernie Saunders and
Resiliency with Al Seibert. Both are
recognized experts with fascinating stories
that led them down their paths.

In our hearts we knew these program woulds be
of immense personal value to those who explore
them. We also knew it would not be as popular
as PhotoReading or Spring Forest Qigong simply
because it is easier to do, do, do things and
put off taking care of ourselves.

Unfortunately, unspeakable horror befell the
world. Fortunately, it has caused us all to
stop in our tracks. I've heard from many
people who said that for the first time in
their lives they smell the roses.

I wish I could say we have Reflections and
Resiliency for you, but we don't. It takes a
long time to develop these programs. One
customer asked me last month why it has taken
so long to get Memory Optimizer out. One
reason is reflection. It is an essential part
of our creation process. Paul and I do it
naturally, and with Bernie we hope to teach
people how to bring it into their lives.

People have been asking for advice this week.
We've been suggesting time with BEING. Or,
practice Qigong or other similar practices.
Or, PhotoRead inspirational and uplifting

I was to fly to Los Angeles last night. Had
the conference not been canceled, I would have
listened to Anxiety-Free Thursday night, just
to help clean things up so that I wouldn't be
anxious. I didn't think I would be, but I
wanted to do a little preventative. Keep that
tape in mind for you and your loved ones.

Other programs that could be valuable are New
Option Generator and New History Generator.

While the attack was against America, we know
people around the world are deeply affected
and profoundly care. We've received dozens of
emails from customers everywhere expressing
their shock, condolences, sorrow, and love.

Tuesday night I was awaken by the noise of
fighter planes flying cover over Minneapolis.
It was oddly comforting. I slept well.

So, I wish you comfort in the days, months,
and years to come. I know my friends and
associates and Learning Strategies share this
wish for you. Be well.