I was listening to the genius code accelerator, the part where they do a lucid dream exercise.

Paul tells the participants to lay back, preferably with legs about 18 " apart, and palms facing up.
I had no problem with the legs part, but I found it uncomfortable to have my palms facing up, preferring them facing down.

Anyway, when following along with this exercise, I felt a sensation in each of my lower legs.
It was kind of like a wave going over them.The sensation was 'real', I was! feeling this, but nothing 'physical' was actually touching my legs.

The wave first passed over my right leg, and then to my left, and then back again.
It kept doing this.The wave passing from left to right, going inbetween my lower legs (on the top part of the leg).

Then I felt this force between the right side of my chest and then over to the left, for a short while.Then it went back down to my legs.
After this, I felt it (still going from left to right) rising from my lower legs, then gradually up to my chest.
Btw, I never felt it in my feet.Moreso than anywhere, my lower legs and chest to ehart area.

Finally it reached my head, and wow, my concentration was absolute.It was totally amazing!!! describing it in words here doesn't do it any justice.

I've never experienced anything like this.

The force was like a magnetism.Going from left to right, up through my body, and then coming together in my head, as one.

What on earth was this?
It was an energy, a feeling, some kind of force, but what exactly?

I love the lucid dream exercise, it's excellent, and so is the whole rest of the course.
Too cool lsc