I am so happy, I can hardly keep still!

For the longest time, I have had trouble trying to figure out or narrow down what kind of work I'd really like to do for the rest of my life. Or at least for the next 10 years! But those ten years turned into another, etc. Then, about 2 months ago I started the Effort-Free Life course. Yet when I began, I had no idea that it would have such a far-reaching effect on the way I would solve problems.

What I'm about to tell you didn't happen consciously. It just came naturally. My other-than-conscious mind sought the solution, by using a very subtle form of CAP (the Complete Acceptance Process).

And now, after #&%$ years, I finally got my answer!

The trouble was, while growing up into and beyond adulthood, I was very much interested in so many things. And since I was good at anything I was interested in, this naturally made it harder to make up my mind. After all, I didn't want to make the wrong decision, then find myself committed long-term to something that wasn't right for me, after all. How can anyone choose just one thing?? Gosh, there must be a hundred things I'd like to pursue, if I had the chance (provided there were 60 hours in a day), and I would be successful at any of them. (Has anyone else here had this problem?)

Of course, I've held an unusually wide variety of jobs, much of them non-traditional, and have pursued a few enjoyable and quite satisfying careers. But things change, life continues, with still "no cigar", while the question remained... until last week, that is.

Once again I found myself struggling with that question. This time was different, however. As I relaxed on my bed, I reached over to my bedside table and picked up a tablet and pen. Then I proceeded to write a list of everything which had a major impact of interest on me... what actually *moved* me emotionally, and stimulated me mentally. This included certain subjects in school, as well as jobs held. I went all the way back to even the age of 3, when I got my first musical instrument - a harmonica! (Loved that music!) I also listed my favorite games and recreational activities throughout the years.

There turned out to be probably 30 things that met my emotional barometer. Then beginning with number one on the list, I went slowly through each one. But I didn't use my mind or logic to figure which ones to circle. Instead, something inside me told me to LISTEN TO THE FEELINGS IN MY PHYSICAL BODY AND ENTIRE BEING. I was really surprised to discover what I felt... I either sensed an ever-so-slight physical tension, sort of like a subconscious resistance, or I felt a subtle but certain "this feels good" physical presence, sort of like a subconscious acceptance. I LOVED HOW IT WORKED!! It was effortless, actually.

At this point I realized that I what I had done contained an element of the Complete Acceptance Process. The only difference was, I didn't try to increase anything. I accepted each option as it was, and circled the ones where I felt a pleasurable level of acceptance.

From it all, I discovered 5 things that I truly desired to pursue, based on my automatic, inner acceptance of them. Plus, I instantly saw how all of them could be connected together, harmoniously. Like a win-x-5 situation with me, myself, and I.

Here are the results:

1) Pursue a part-time home-based business in selling sales & marketing training, then extend that division of my business to an MLM. Since I love the positive, goal-oriented energy of people-helping-people, not to mention the surge of financial gain, this will be fun. It will also provide the capital needed for my next goal...

2) Get into real estate investing (also part-time). After all, Monopoly was my all-time favorite game! And I love houses, apt. complexes, and business buildings, since I used to be in construction, and I enjoy learning about their architecture. This financial endeavor, plus the first one, will provide the funds for me to easily afford my next goal...

3) Get a law degree (JD) in Real Estate and Constitutional law. A professional degree will get me through certain doors in life where I would otherwise not be as well-received. I will simply act as my own attorney in real estate transactions, which will give me a definite edge as an investor. And maybe every now and then, I'll defend some poor fellow, pro bono, whose constitutional rights are being distorted and twisted around by the ACLU (if that "wolf-in-sheep's-clothing" isn't already dust, by then). My powerful passion, supreme confidence, unadulterated common sense, commitment to excellence, and connection to Source will hold me up and keep me balanced, while I ride the top of those waves.

4) Become an author, speaker, and instructor on topics that fascinate me, in which I will be proficient (such as PhotoReading, NLP, hypnosis, or SOMETHING ORIGINAL OF MY OWN). I love writing, I have a great voice, and I can teach anyone anything, because I know how to connect the dots for them, and explain things in the simplest of terms.

5) Use my knowledge, abilities, and skills to help heal the lives of others, and guide them to take charge of their destiny and rise above their circumstances, to what THEY would yearn to be.

Now, this brings me to the next question which I can't help but ask, what's your story? If you've already solved that riddle for yourself, how did you come about it? Did you use CAP? What do you really wish to be, and have you become it, yet?


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