Well had a very successful PR'ing session this evening. However, the experience was different this evening.

One of the area's I had struggled with for some time was knowing and staying in the accelerated learning state. Being PR's we all know the paramount reasons for attaining and maintaining this state.

Instead of using the 3-2-1 technique ... I tried another meditation technique involving following ...

Breathe in for a 4 count thru the nostrils. Reciting the mantra 'Hong' Keep my awareness on breathing in through nostrils and while having my eyes closed keeping my focus between my eyebrows.

Hold for a 4 count

Exhale slowy for a 4 count reciting mantra 'Sau'

Repeated this 4-6 times until I was aware that my breathing had slowed down dramtically!!

Did the affirmations ...

Opened my eyes and began to PR ... talk about bliss!

Unfortunately this was short lived as my phone rang and I had to break state ... bummer!!! Was mom-in-law!!!

Michael Saikali