If you don't need to know WHY you can read alot faster. PR can get to the WHAT really quickly and the WHY is optional.

In the October issue of Muscle Media there's an article called "Guerrilla Cardio." I Photoread the whole mag last night and that article was one where I stopped and started looking harder even when I didn't want to- indicating it was obviously important to me. Today I timed myself in getting the WHAT. It took me less than 15 seconds to get it. Then I timed myself reading the whole 4 page article (when you don't count the pictures it's really only 3 pages) and it took me 6 and a half minutes. That was totally unecessary. The whole article was nothing but "convincer" that I didn't need to hear and WHY it was better than other cardio methods and other motivational talk. Typical, of almost everything.

Now if I really needed to hear the why- maybe I believed in the 45 minute "in the fat burning zone" type workouts, there were very few paragraphs going over it and still most of that info was in the margins too.

Just something to think about.