I thought I'd give the High Think Tank Challenge a whirl. Got myself a note book and record each session in it to get an idea of whats happening.

On the left side just over half the page I record my imagery. I draw a line down the right side and use that for interpretations of my images.

The method of interpeting the images that works for me is to pick out key words and write my associations to them next to the words. I then look for common themes from the I also notice the subtle differences between them. What one image told me but others didn't.

An interesting thing I've had with the HTT is the timeliness of the answers. For example a questions I had forgotten posing came out in sessions after I had decided to do something. Initally I was concerned so I placed the question in the think tank. I had decided to proceed with what I was pondering and wound up answering the question in the very next thinkg tank. After my image streaming I said... whatever it is I better not do that, it was pretty darn clear its a bad move. To think it was the next thing I was going to do after image streaming. I think theres more than genius at work here