Ive been having some interesting High Think Tank sessions these last few days. Since this one today seems to tie in with some information that I had posted a couple of days ago I thought I might share it with you. Ill go into a bit of detail since some of you might like to adapt some of my method.

For my folded selection I had the following three image streams. Somewhat edited.
1 Ripening strawberries amongst green and flowering berries lying on the black plastic. Many rows of strawberry plants with fruit ripening almost ready to harvest. A fence stops the kangaroos from entering the strawberry rows. I also notice the tall grass between the rows and the clay dirt that has gone rock hard in some areas and gluggy puddles in others. (A lot of work came to mind this is actually a very vivid recollection of my youth)

2. The image of poppy seeds turned to the poppy flowerI find myself in the middle of a colourful poppy field. I watch as some of the poppy blubs are cut so that they produce opium. The poppy field is in a valley surrounded by mountains.

3 A seagull is standing near a black decaying object on a sandy beach. Just looking at the object. Its huge and after a moment I recognise it to be the carcass of a horse. The seagull looked at me questioningly before turning around to walk towards the ocean. I look at the carcass again noticing how out of place it looks on the clean yellow white sand of the beach.

After having written out my image streams I select words that seem to jump out and write associations in the column next to the image streams. By associations I mean what the words mean to me.
Eg Strawberry, wealth, affluence,
Flowers, new blossoms new fruit, new ideas
Clay moulding material, can be messy can become quite hard
Fence barrier, hold back
I also notice the word that Ive used to describe things like standing, ripening, tall however I find that they often say exactly what they mean. After doing that for each of the image streams I allowed my mind to look at the words and what seemed common amongst them.

I wrote a statement of what the image streams seemed to be saying.

Beware of building barricades or putting down (Slang) great ideas, leaving them to decay or rot without having provided the freedoms or independence that they can afford.

Then I looked at the question that this session was answering If what Im doing now is caterpillar business, what is butterfly business and how do I best metamorphose.

Looking back over my image stream and keywords interpretation I gather a lot more information, yes it goes even deeper like the warning contained therein. But I find it interesting that I have been able to answer the questions before looking at the questions.

The process sounds long but I havent spent more than 10 minutes on it.