No, curiosity was definitely not the motivation for me. Never was at any time in my life.

I had great yearning, pining. I was wasting away w/ longing. I was fasting and praying and crying day in and day out. I was doing my duty w/ the faith that my Master would find me. It did happen this way for me. I was 24 at the time my Master came to me.

I do not experience any curiosity in matters of the Spirit. I know. I was like this even as a child.

But don't get me wrong here. There is absolutely nothing inadequate w/ curiosity. I just don't know much about it like you. Maybe it's your guide in this life.

BTW, i looked at that site and it was like a foreign language to me. I understood nothing. I know Sanskrit and the Vedas and Vedanta, but that all was too confusing for my understanding. God is simple; man is complex...P. Yogananda.

Plus my Masters have never at any time tried to convince me of anything. Most of the time, they are helping me even before i know about a problem. They help w/o asking. Once when i was in Germany, i was suddenly showed great kindness by Mother Meera. I was told to sit very near her. My good luck i thought!!! When i returned to the US, i found out that on that day my mother had undergone triple bypass surgery. Now 6 years later, at the age of 81, her heart is in perfect condition. The doctors are amazed at how good her heart is. What love and kindness is this? How to repay such a love?

Take care

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[This message has been edited by Margaret (edited August 27, 2002).]