One of my success coaches has suggested that I develop what he calls "rituals for success". That is, certain things I do each day to mentally and physically prepare me for the day so that I can face it in the most empowered, fun and enjoyable way that I can. So far my ritual is this:
Night before: Chi Kung and some spiritual reading, review the previous day - what did I like what could I have done better. 5-10 minutes journaling
Morning: Get up 1/2 hour earlier than I usually do. While showering, think of all the things I am greatful for in my life. While eating read some more spiritual stuff (I like to randomly read a page out of A Course in Miracles or the Tao Te Ching), Take 15 minutes to organize my day. Read some inspiring e-mail I get every day. Get to work early.

That's it. So far it's been great. I guess I'm posting this to pass on a neat idea and also to see what other peoples "success rituals" are to see if there is anything else I should add.