Hello all,

I've just completed the 4 first tape's on Qigong over the last 3 days ... whew! This is powerful stuff!

I've just attempted the 'active exercises' via tape. I could only last about 5 minutes.

Here are some of the things I experienced.

The slight bend in my knee's had my thighs burning in no time ... Someone give me a fire extinguisher!

At one point I felt my body swaying back and forth. I thought, if I hit the ground, the wife is definately sure to hear! Now would'nt that be a great way to introduce or convince her to practice Qigong!

I could feel as best as I can describe it ... chills or electrity in the body. If I could only harness that power to run my household appliances!

The exercise with the sword fingers pointing to the hand and swirling of sword finger created a sensation of 'heat' moving in the direction my sword finger was ... now that was totally mind blowing!

Had to break off the active exercise because the real weird part was I felt as if my feet had melded to the ground, could not feel them anymore. As I'm writing this, my feet are experiencing tingling sensation beyond belief!

I'm going to follow my own advice and give the Qigong tape's a second listening to pick up other subtle clues. As usual, when listening to tapes, as Chunyi Lin was speaking, I was busy thinking of way's to 'enhance' the experience. These I will share as I progress.

Love and peace!