I recently had an experience that Win alludes to during one of his fast finish sessions (the one about the Photoreader who is frustrated with his activation until he realizes everything he dipped into was an answer to the question he SHOULD have asked).

Having just recently returned to HTT, I was more careful than before to really ponder my three "mini-streams." After some time, I came up with an answer that made little sense to me. Part of the reason was that I had written the HTT questions many months ago and could not remember any of what I had written.

When I opened, the question, I was discouraged to see that the answers made no sense. It wasn't until a few hours later that I realized the answers were to the question I SHOULD have asked. The question asked was a "weasel" question -- one that attempts to get a solution while shirking personal responsibility. It turns out that the answers were actually perfect answers if I had phrased the question in a way that directly took on the responsibility. Very intriguing experience.

So, if your answer doesn't make sense, reconsider your question...