Hi Paul, Pete, Shawn, et al,

At the retreat in October you told us to find one or two people to work with on a continuing basis as healing buddies. I thought I would share my experience with this as it may offer some opportunities to help the other retreat attendees and may even help you with some of your other programs.

I left the retreat with a list of 4 people that had agreed to "meet" via phone. None of us had any real idea how we were going to do this, but we had each others e-mails and phone numbers.

After several weeks passed I decided that I needed to do something or this was never going to get off the ground. I had heard something
about a free conference call service, so I started searching on the internet. What I found was a service offered by www.freeconferencecall.com that offers you a phone number to call and a code number. You can arrange calls as often as you like by sending emails to the folks that you want to meet. The service never needs to be notified that you are doing it. They can accommodate up to 96
people for 6 hours on each call. I signed up - there was no charge. At the 6 month point I need to reconfirm with them that I am using it.

We have been consistently meeting on Thursday night at 9PM CST. We have participants from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, and Arkansas.

We have been meeting weekly since late October. Our group has grown to 8 people at this point as some of the healing buddies have other friends from the retreat whose groups never got off the ground. We have been meeting for about an hour each time. We typically talk for a
little while sharing our QiGong experiences from the week and asking each other questions. Then we set up a group healing putting all of our friends and relatives who have problems into the center. Following this, any of us who would like a healing sit in "the chair" and the
rest detect, share the results of that, and then heal the person. We don't all make it to every meeting, but we all agree that we are feeling our skill set growing and the energy moving more freely. This is great.

I was hoping that you might be able to share this model with the other participants so that they can experience the benefits. I think it might also be something that could be used with the Saturday group healings that Shawn is running. You would just need to post the phone number and code and people could join you by phone. If any of you would like to join us some Thursday night to experience what I am talking about we would be glad to have you. Let me know and I will send you the number and the code.

I appreciate all you do.

Jane Garvey

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