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Hi Pete, I just read your post about the teleseminar. FANTASTIC.I wish you folks could get permission to post other magnificent tips here or send e-mails to those in need. I am going to convince my wife to come with me to the Oct. retreat, she has arthritis pretty bad. Thanks again for being so loving and caring in passing along this extra information.Do you have any other notes,tips to help us new SFQERS??? We live in Orlando Fl.
Thanks Iam2.....JP

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posted May 25, 2005 08:27 AM

Aloha Eagle1,
I'm glad to see you found the caps lock key.

Spring Forest Qigong has had a support group called the SFQ Association for the last 6 years which is now being re-tooled and begining anew as The SFQ International Guild.

Their first meeting will be here in Minneapolis this weekend, but their will be membership benefits for, and assistance in coordinating out-of-state SFQIG groups as well.

In the past they've had a good newsletter with tips, Master Lin Q&A, etc.

You can get put on their mailing list to see what's getting started and in the plans by emailing your name and contact information to:


I'd recomend it to all SFQ students.

You will be getting plenty of information and "tid bits" during the 6-Day. Last year's event was a truely wonderful experience.

Much Love,


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Hi Shawn, I guess you folks got tired of being yelled at, huh (LOL). Thanks for your input and help. I contacted the mentioned group and signed up already.
Any chance of Chunyi Lin or your group coming to Orlando, Florida and giving seminars, classes, etc??
We used to open our home to give similar classes in our area when it was near immpossible to get to where the classes originated. We had over 20 people in each class which lasted the weekend. Great experience. So much was learned by everybody.
Much Love, James (Eagle1)

posted May 25, 2005 12:35 PM

Nice to hear Shawn. I've thought about joining in the past, but didn't see much value in it.... being way out of state. So what's involved in the International part, beyond the name of course?

You are perfection.

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Aloha James and Iam2,
Right now Chunyi just has a couple of his advanced student that are allowed to teach the work.

They are putting together a guide program at this time. The teacher training course is by invitation only.

If you're interesting in hosting a live class down there you can email me and I'll put you through to one of those senoir students.

I am really not at liberty to say anything more about the SFQ International Guild. Like I said, they are meeting this Saturday in Minneapolis and will be talking about their purpose, goals, and benefits of membership.

I'll post the email that went out to those on their email list. I believe they will be sending out an overview of what was discussed regarding the Guild the following week.

I recomend that if you didn't get the following email, to get on their email list to be informed and find out how it can presently or in the future, benefit you up there in polar bear country.

Much Love, Shawn


From: support@springforestqigong.com
Subject: Spring Forest Qigong International Guild Meeting
Date: May 23, 2005 4:54:50 PM CDT
To: Shawn Grim
Reply-To: support@springforestqigong.com
The Spring Forest Qigong International Guild, the new student support organization, will meet Saturday May 28th in the lower level of the Spring Forest Healing Center. The meeting will begin at 9:00 AM and run until Noon.

The Agenda is as Follows:

9:00 Greeting

9:05 Presentation on the operational structure of the Guild

9:25 Presentation by Master Lin on the philosophy and practice of Spring Forest Qigong with emphasis on the healing aspect.

Meditation guided by Master Lin

Healing practice guided by Master Lin

11:55 Closing

The meeting is open to all Spring Forest Students wishing to deepen their practice of Spring Forest Qigong and who are interested in learning more about the Guild. The presentation on the Guild will focus on mission and the goals and objectives of the organization as well as the benefits of membership.

There will be no fee for this meeting but all attendees must have completed the level one class or home study course.

This e-mail was sent to ________________ because you are subscribed to at least one of our mailing lists. If at any time you would like to remove yourself from our mailing list, please feel free to do so by visiting______________

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A note to Eagle1. You may want to take your email address out of that post. There's software that search for email address.
In the future you could just mention that your email address is in you profile.

You are perfection.

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Hi Pete
To follow up with Master Lin's advice about practice being much more powerful during the full and new moons - I've also been told that increasing pratice time during the days of the summer and winter solstice - June and December is also incredibly powerful - can you confirm with Master Lin if that is the case?

posted May 29, 2005 04:00 PM

Thanks, Pete, for posting the teleseminar transcript. I sure wish I could travel to attend the October retreat, both financially and time-wise. I live in New York and wish there were such things locally to attend.

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