I am a full-time RVer. I live in a travel trailer where the furniture is fixed. I move every 6 months from campground to campground and state to state and I cannot choose the direction in which the door of my trailer faces. Does the Diamond Feng Shui course include suggestions/tools that I can use for my living space?

Thanks for writing.

Yes, you have an interesting situation. Sounds like fun!

As for the door direction, would it not be possible when you get to a new campground to request a certain spot? That way you could scope it out and find a place to park so that the trailer door faces a good direction for you. If that is not possible, then you can at least work with the directions within the camper itself to activate your living space.

The fixed furniture is obviously not anything you can change easily but you can discover which directions are best to sit and sleep that will benefit you. You can also be sure that you are using the best colors for you. This can be pillows, tablecloths, any kind of accent. Much of the activations for strengthening the 24 Diamond Facets (power, relationships, wisdom, etc.) are done with things that are small and easily moveable and can be placed properly when you move. And, there are a great many things that can be done any time, any place like opening windows, letting in sunlight, burning candles, dealing with clutter, cleaning with a specific kind of soap, etc.

With Diamond Time Feng Shui in the Diamond Edition you learn how to activate positive energy and reduce negative energy that changes with time. For this you also use small moveable objects that can be rearranged each time you change campgrounds to match the new direction of your camper. Additionally with Diamond Time Feng Shui you can use the information to choose the best section within a campground and to plan routes and destinations based on where the good and less good energies are for the year. For instance, this year you want to avoid driving directly Northwest if possible.

I hope that answers your question. Let us know if you need anything else.


Debra Hughes
Diamond Feng Shui Coach