I am no stranger to learning strategies and paraliminal learning. I discovered Learning Strategies in the late 80's early 90's, about the same time I discovered holosync....I stopped buying self help tapes from anyone else, then. I took photo reading course and seminar in 1998 which introduced me to "image streaming". For the last 2 years off and on, I thought that I would use the image streaming techniques again...and I wondered where I would find them. I happily received an e-mail in which Image streaming was in the opening paragraph and I didn't even read the rest of the advertisement...I went directly to the purchase page and bought Genius Code. That is how important I think Image streaming is. Anyway, I was waiting so excitedly for the course to come in the mail, I fairly danced up and down, laughing and shouting for joy!
It came this last Thursday. The mail lady beeped for me to come out and get the box and I ran out with a big grin on my face, all excited...and when I touched the box, I seemed to deflate immediately. I felt fears rearing up that I did not want to face and I knew Genius Code was the program for Me! If I suddenly did not want to do it...I HAVE to do it! I opened the box reluctantly. I forced myself to listen to my favorite voice, Paul Sheely, I nearly fell asleep with seeming disinterest! I flipped through the course manual, put off writing my goals, and listened to the 2nd Cd. I did fall asleep. and I had to listen to it again! All this was Thursday night with no conscious goal in mind. Friday morning, I felt awful, and yet, I never miss my morning journaling, and I did not miss it that morning, but instead of my usual stuff when I write, I wrote 3 stories in the draft, for submission to a magazine. Friday evening, after a gruelling day of labor at my job, I came home and typed up the stories, polished and edited to fit the guidelines of the magazine. Today, I had a person come in and secretly read and do a re-edit before I mail the articles to the magazine. I am not a writer. BUT, one of my life goals from several years ago, maybe 10 or 20 years ago, was to have some of my writing published...I never started, before. I didn't know I was going to write these stories when I wrote them. All I had to do was buy batteries for my tape recorder and threaten myself with image streaming and presto bingo! I am prepared to mail off my submission tomorrow. This morning, I spent 5 minutes TRYING to produce some images that I could discribe..I failed miserably, BUT, all day long I have been aware of the image streaming that is running behind the veil of my conscious awareness...but not able to speak it, yet. I have done it before, so my reluctance is funny to me, but I know that FEAR can really do a number on your head if you are not aware of it...and walk through it anyway, regardless. Just thought I would share this...wish me luck and success, as I wish all who are challenging themselves all the success and good fortune they can achieve. =o)