I understand the need for motivation and hope and looking for successes. Read what others have said in reply to you and go to the SFQ Institute and read those testimonials...esp. the one by Cathy Beedle. I have received "mentoring" and some healing through this group and its members. I have chronic long-standing problems. I am learning to just do it. I practice alot and have had strengthening of kidney energy esp. I notice the more I do the better I feel. If I am working thru a block of emotion or something physical I just do more. I have had a few colds that I zipped through in a day; some days it isn't easy (aggravating symptoms) but what are the alternatives? I am moving energy and releasing blocks and feel stronger. My legs buckled when I started; they don't anymore (6 weeks). I work at being and detachment and letting go; I am more spiritual and feel more courageous.
Besides finding out about others find your inner motivation and find that joy. And Peace. Its all there.