yo everyone, good to be here.

My most recent ideas and observations have been influenced by the likes of Robert Anton Wilson, Zen (Un)Philosophies, and my background in the study of "occultic" views that preceded all that.

And recently all of the above has been kicked in the direction of understanding where practical techniques can induce the altered-consciousness desired.

I had read some of the information put out on Orgone energy, Wilhelm Reich, his thereapie's and it's controversies and crticisms.

I am continually fascinated the more I learn, but recently I made some probably obvious connections but none the less interesting ones.

It involves several therapies, theories, or whatever they are:

1. Techniques used in Reichian therapy in order to induce the UNblocking of emotional armoring (you know, blockages the stop ur expression of emotions due to repression) of the Occular segment(the eye areas).

Described Here:
Recently, Dr. Barbara Goldenberg developed a further technique in mobilizing(freeing) the eyes by, the use of a moving light upon which the eyes focus. This seems to be an important break-through in therapeutic technique. Here she offers the following comments on the use of the light:

I believe the light affords a unique opportunity for getting at the deep armoring in the brain parenchyma, hitherto untouched except indirectly through mobilizing the eyes. One may postulate two factors at work: (1) the direct photic stimulation of the brain substance itself, and (2) the pushing of the patient beyond the visual stimulus threshold so that he is forced to give up holding in the eyes.

During an infant research field trip I had occasion to observe the visual stimulus threshold demonstrated and decided to see if it existed in other age groups as well. I noted that if one has a child or adult patient following a target (such as a pencil) moved randomly ten inches in front of the eyes, there is frequently a strong emotional reaction after about fifteen minutes. The time factor appears critical and a shorter time span may elicit nothing. This does not seem explainable by fatigue alone. Following this maneuver one can often elicit strong affective reactions in patients-reactions which used to take months of painstaking work to uncover. If a two-battery pen light is substituted as the target, in a darkened room, the added factor of direct phobic stimulation on the brain markedly intensifies the patient's reaction.

After fifteen minutes of such phobic stimulation I have sometimes obtained spontaneous abreactions. There is almost always a sharp increase in affective responses and the release of unconscious material. One has the impression that the organism feels more integrated and therefore "safer" in letting go of the holding. The upcoming material is usually that which is closest to the ego and ready to surface not chaotic bursts from deeper layers.

So these Reichian people believe it's a useful technique and go on to believe that this unblocking is also related to increase in grades:

The effects on the eye segment and on contact are quite striking at times. For example, there was a marked difference in scholastic performance in two students (one a college physics major, the other in high school), both of whom went from failing to honor grades in the space of three months. One, an ambulatory schizophrenic, reported "a clearing in my head for the first time in my life," and a new found ability to grasp and assimilate what was taught in class.

2. The 2nd Theory/Technique/Demonstration:
This one Speed-Reading software program called: EyeQ.

Apparently invented somewhere in Asia, they used it in schools and found the application resulted in a crazy quality increase in student performance. If you haven't seen this program advertised on TV, and haven't used it, there is an excersie in which the program has a little graphic movie show objects (one object at a time) pop in and out of the screen moving backwards, left right, up down, all that. The instructions are to follow the object with your eyes in the same way the reichian instructions say to follow a pencil, or a pen light.

THEN- There's the slightly newer, and popular EMO-Free Technique where self suggestions/feedback is used while tapping points, and in some instructions, moving the eyes from side to side.

I think it's fair to say this EMO free technique AND this Speed Reading exercise borrowed some aspects of Reichian therapy-and wherever that was borrowed from.

So, if I haven't bored everyone yet I guess I just asking for some feedback from anyone who is famillar with any1 of these three different avenues and maybe some insight on their connections.