I've always thought that doing things together is very productive.It quite frankly pees me right off (like you wouldn't believe!!!, to the point where I couldn't be bothered bein peed about it anymore) when I always see so many individuals all struggling and yet I see none of them coming together to collaborate.It's one of the most (if not the most) ridiculous states of affairs there is.

This post is to share an idea with you, basically the idea of bringing our genius online together.One specific idea within that is for people to actually take on each others goals.Yes, what I mean by that is let's say for example someone comes along and their goal is to: Be a better cook.
I have no particular immediate interest in that area and so I offer to image stream and interpret and give the answer to "how to be a better cook".
Also as I am doing that image stream for them, they will be doing one for me.
Perhaps I will tell them my goal is: "To make at least 10 grand in the next 24hrs".Then they will go away and image stream, interpret and then give me the answer.

The reason why this will work so well is because I believe a huge stumbling block with image streaming is that we have so many preconceptions about how to do things.And yes I know the "High Think Tank" process addresses this problem, but this is another way of getting round it, and it is better in the fact that we can have something image streamed immediately, rather than waiting until we happen to (in The High Think process) pick out the one goal we really want to address right now.Also their is the added benefit that if say I wish to be a better cook (or whatever) in the future I will already have access to the image stream I did for someone else on that subject, back when it didn't matter so much to me and therefore I allowed the answer to me with great clarity and ease.

Another aspect to this is to actually work on the same goal.As I said before I might ask someone to image stream and give me an answer to: "How to make at least 10 grand in the next 24 hrs".They may come back to me and say: "Hey I would like that too".A good way of doing this is to get a small group together all with the same specific goal and really work closely together in achieving that goal.Everybody would individually image stream and post their results and then we'll all find the common thread to receive the answer for all.Yes we may have the problem of having preconceptions as we'll know what we're image streaming for before we do it and it matters to us, but with it being a group process that will bring the expectancy level of success way up.And also we'll be seeing each others image streams, so more image streams and more brains seeing them means it is highly probably that the common threads and thus the answers will be easily seen.

I think things that many people have generally in common and so would be good as small group projects (ie: working on same subject) are such things as:

"How to get the body of my dreams"
"How to become rich in money"
"How to attract my perfect partner"

On the other hand very personal goals that we would image stream for each other would be personal and therefore I wouldn't even wish to make a list of what they might be.

Anyway you get the idea.If anyone would like to do the image stream for me and interpret it, the one about making at least 10 grand in the next 24hrs then please do so.PM me the answer you get.Then I will return the favour and image stream and interpret a goal you have.Just let me know what it is and I'll get right onto it.