Hello everyone, I have concluded from reading this insightful book that I am a "Happy for a reason" person...I am most always positive, and my life is generally wonderful. At 42, I have dealt with failures and hardships but have always made it through. I have a challenging career that suits me and uses my skills, 4 wonderful children and 4 stepchildren, a wonderful husband, a nice home, and a strong Christian faith. I am thankful every day.

Yet there are times I have bad days, when one of my "reasons" fails me...a bad time at work (business was down for a while in this economy...but we are coming back fast!)...an illness...financial problems. My husband was laid off 6 months ago and rather than take a new assignment very far away, chose to go back to school. This has been very hard for him, and has made our marriage challenging at times.

Sometimes in the bad times I lose sight of all my blessings and get a little down, a little impatient, not the "shining light" I like to be. This book has made me think about being happy for no reason, even though I have many reasons...and as I accept the circumstances of each day, I find greater peace within.

I thank God for my life, and thank you Marci for an exceptional book. It has touched me for the better, and inspired me to do more to radiate life and love to those that surround me.