This week I am experiencing a shift in my thinking and I feel now new things that I didn't feel before.
I want to talk about an aha moment that I got when I was listening to Abundance for Life course while Paul with interviewing Arnold Patent and was talking about the feeling exercise.

I was astonishing to me touch a new level of thinking and feeling and this when Arnold was talking about his pain and how when we call that feeling a bad one and avoid feeling the feeling and reclaiming the energy in our feelings.

Then I understood a very important thing we are not running away from bad things and we don't go for the good thing when we learn , listen to a new course or reading a book no we are just notice the truth that it is already here and now for what we experience.
I know that these word we are listening to them nowadays lots of time but it is for me the first time to feel it

If there is anything happens to me it is here only to take me to a higher level.

I really appreciate this great course and I really want to thank Paul and Arnold for this great experience.