Hello Everybody,

I think I’ve reached a place where I can put more of my attention on other aspects of the program. At this point of whittled down my Daily Disciplines to only the things that really inspire me while aligning me with the Law of Attraction. They are as follows:


- Gratitude Exercise (done in the mirror) – about 4 minutes
- Recite and Visualize Life Purpose statement and 7 core goals while doing EFT (I do this at the computer, where I have these items posted on colored “Post-it Notes” on my desktop – about 6 minutes
- Do Jack’s Create Your Day Meditation without listening to the CD. I do a shorter version that still covers all the highlights – 5 minutes.
- Mind Map my ideal day – 5 minutes
Total Time: About 20 minutes


- Recite and Visualize Life Purpose and goals – same as morning 6 minutes
- Mirror Exercise with appreciation, feedback, suggested improvements and inspiring thought or image – about 9 minutes.
Total Time: About 15 minutes

So taken together, my entire program of Daily Disciplines take a total of 35 minutes. This is much more like it, and doesn’t feel like an imposition on the other aspects of my life. Of course, I also meditate and exercise daily, but I would elect to do that anyway.

I feel like I have laid a solid foundation of Daily Disciplines that will serve me well as I continue to build. I am guessing that my attention will now turn more to vision, guidance, and goals.