Bonjour a tous!
Thank you Stevers for having recommended "The Secret Code of Success" bu Noah St. John. You have blessed me with another piece of the ES jigsaw. It does contain vital information. I'm only half way through it, but I can recommend it too.

A taster:
According to St. John, the brain is programmed to generate answers to questions we put to it. Consequently, rather than make affirmations (which we have trouble believing anyway) we should make afformations (i.e. you ask a QUESTION that assumes that what you want is already so, has already happened, or is already true [page. 66]. "When you do this step of the Afformation Method, you will take what has been subconscious (hidden) and make it conscious (visible), and take what is negative (disempowering) and make it positive (empowering) [page 67]".

This dovetails neatly with my ES experience. (Wow this takes some time/effort to explain. Are you all bored? I hope this helps somebody out there - if nothing else I gain great clarity myself - and this is my process too.)

* No sooner than I began to experience bliss and joy in doing ES, I came in contact with my negative side. Keeping my eye on the ultimate POSITIVE goal, I released negativity through Sedona, Holosynced daily, spewed it out on the forum. However the more I focused on the positive, the more I experienced negative feelings (obviously not the outcome I desired or expected).

* If I were to give an honest feedback on ES three months into the course, I would have to admit that ES has put me in touch with my bliss as well as highlighting my shadow side. Obvious, I tell myself, for positive and negative are two sides of the same coin. How could I have one without experiencing the other?

* Afformations is a way for me to marry the two aspects and still come out on top. My ES process has at times made the unconscious visible/tangiable. Using the iceberg metaphor, 90% of what goes on within me is hidden/unconscious. St John provides a tool (afformations) to take the negative aspects of our inner programming, make them visible, and then by turning them into a positive question (that demands a positive response), we can bridge the gap between negative and positive.

* I now feel able to embrace and rejoice in my negative programs. They are starting points. They are the programs that I, for want of a better program, run to create the outcomes I currently experience. Thus to ignore them, suppress them, or just switch my focus to the positive is not holistic or effective. I suspect this obsession with positivity and making a taboo of negativity is a cognitive or thinking flaw in the Law of Attraction.

* I repeat. It cannot be bad/wrong to recognise that which is hidden in our unconscious, even if it is negative. For these hidden programs or beliefs are the slippery eels that yank us around and make us do what we don't want, like Upper Limit or self-sabotage, or give up, or fail yet again. Thus hidden beliefs must become visible in order for us to grasp them and uproot them. Using St John's afformations, the hidden-made-visible (even if its negative) is the starting point (point A), and the afformation is the road map to Z (our consciously desired outcome, the change we want to implement).

* More evidence of the need to acknowledge and accept our negatives, our limited thinking, our current outcomes, is expressed in ES course III. Lisa Nichols and Rev. Beckwith highlight the importance of accepting where we are at BEFORE we can change for the better.

* Let me stop theorising and made a practical example. Take the overweight woman I was last year. Fat, frumpy, hating myself for what I have done to myself. I start to chant "I am slim, fit, toned, youthful and oh, so sexy!". What really goes on here? Well, just like the pink elephant we are NOT supposed to think of when instructed not to, we struggle between visions of the slim, sexy lady we are not (yet) and the colossus wobbling under voluminous clothing (who I am). The aim is to throw ourselves into cognitive dissonance (theory states it is impossible to maintain two opposing beliefs simultaneously) and gradually leave the fat hulk in the past and embrace the diva-in-the-making. Et voila, a slim me. St John is honest enough to admit that actually BELEIVEING those "I am slim, fit, sexy" affirmations is difficult. Using an afformation, we can use our current thinking as jumping off points, but turn them into positive questions. Thus "I cannot lose weight" becomes "Why is losing weight so easy for me now?". "I am fat, frumpy and not who I want to be" becomes "Why am I so slim, sexy and exactly who I want to be now?". The next step, is not to have to fight negative images, but allow our infinite intelligence to produce glorious solutions to a question we want answered.

* Finally, my aim here, is not to encourage or discourage anyone from buying the book. No, this is my way of integrating a new piece of the jigsaw into my ES process. You know, one way or the other I am going to get there, it is merely a matter of finding all the missing pieces.

So, Why is selling Scart House now so easy for me? And, Why is having a fit, sexy, supple, strong body such effortless pleasure for me now? I am focused on the positive and await glorious outcomes. I'll get them, you'll see!
French Claire