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To register click on the New Users Join Here link at the top of the forum listing (you'll need to click on the link, Forums or back twice to get there).

When you register you must use a valid email address a verification link is sent to that address it should be there within a few minutes. If you use services like yahoo and hotmail you may find that you don't receive the link so you might want to use another account. If you don't click the verification link within 24 hours you have to register again. The email is only used for verification and in case you forget your password. It is not visible to anyone and cannot be collected by bots to Spam your account. You can also prevent us from sending you notices in your profile settings.

To change your password to something memorable go to the drop down menu My Stuff at the top of the page and click on my profile. You can change your password. Be warned if you change your email a new password is sent to that account. So make sure it's a valid account or you lose access to the account. Any information you give in your profile is available for viewing. None of the fields other than your email and password need to be filled in. So leave blank what you do not want others to know.

This is again under My Stuff. That lets you change how the forum displays and other stuff. Don't be afraid to click around and change the options. Just remember what you did if you want to change it back. smile

Posting a reply to an existing thread or topic
When you are reading a topic thread you might decide you want to reply to that topic. Click One of the buttons on the post you want to reply to.

Reply: takes you to a page where you have access to setting that allow you to "decorate" your reply similar to the buttons in an email.

Quote: This is useful if you want to answer someone's post in particular. It copies what they wrote and you just write your message under it. Like reply you have access to the buttons that help you further format your response.

Quick Reply: Just produces a text box at the bottom of the page. It may already be there if you have it set up that way in your preferences. Useful if you don't plan to do any formatting and just want to write a quick comment.

Quick Quote: Throws the the quote into a quick reply box. Again useful if you don't plan on doing any formatting.

To Start a new Topic
When you are in a particular forum, for example Beyond Human, on the main page in the upper left there is the button for New Topic. Click on that to write a new topic thread.

If you are looking at a particular thread you'll find the New Topic link under the topic options drop down menu. (top left second button) You need to be registered.

RSS feed.
If you like to follow particular forums for new topics and be alerted when people have posted you can collect an RSS feed. On the main page of the forum you want to register for, Example Beyond Human, click on drop down menu for Forum Options (second button top left) and there you'll find the link for the RSS feed.

The feeds are short and incomplete but if you check your feed everyday it's a useful way of knowing when there are new post on your favourite forum.

Some tips.
Make a New post for new and different questions. Stick to one topic in a threaded discussion. It helps for future searches.

Use a descriptive heading to describe what you want to discuss. It helps others when you are specific but brief about the topic. It also makes it easier to find the topic again later. A heading that says I don't get Reversed Breathing, or Frustrated with Activation help both visual and software searches. It is useful to everyone to see if there already is a discussion on the topic. This gives us meaningful answers and saves a lot of searching.

Please post your questions on the forum. PM or email the moderator if you need to discuss a personal or private matter. By posting on the forum everyone can benefit.

Be considerate of other members. We are here to help and must understand that the written language does not always convey the message the way the writer had intended. For many English is a second language so please go easy on yourself and others.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Enjoy the forums
Alex K Viefhaus
Learning Strategies Corporation

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