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Coaching isn't intended to make the decisions for you. The aim of coaching is to find direction.

The forum is also a coaching option.


Yes, exactly. Reading my response again above, I realize it might have implied that I meant that I was looking for the coaching decision for me. That is not the case. What I meant was, mileage may vary depending on the particular coach, time of day, particular product etc.

For example, as Alex said, the forum is a great coaching option. Alex if very familiar with the Paraliminals and is a specialist in this area, having not only used these products extensively, but now with much experience specifically coaching Paraliminals and Natural Brilliance.

And she does very well and I appreciate her experience and expertise. No offense to anyone else at LSC, but not everyone is as experienced or as enthusiastic. In some (rare) cases, it is turns out it actually better to just rely on my own "inner coach". However, there have been times that because of the at least seeming lack on the part of the person I spoke to on the phone, it is precisely that experience that "kicks in" the "inner coach". I.e. after a somewhat disappointing and/or frustrating experience with a somewhat inexperienced or disinterested coach, or an answer that for whatever reason is clearly not responsive to my question, it is only THEN that I do realize what to do regarding the use of a product.

So the end result is at least as good (sometimes), if not better than those times I get a great, enthusiastic and clearly experienced coach (either on the phone, or here on the forum). So, what do we learn from this?

Among other things, how subjective the coaching experience can be, and how much it all depends on our own "imprints" (see the excellent success and spiritual book, "THE DIAMOND CUTTER" by Genshe Michael Roach. This is one of the best books, just in general, but especially in terms of spiritual and success classics, I have ever read).