I would like some advice about a house we are in the process of buying. I began studying the time feng shui part of the course after we found the house and made an offer, unfortunately. The house is period 8 North 2 and so the door is in the north part of the house and has a disaster star on it. There are also conflict stars in the master bedroom and the family room. There are a few power/abundance/relationship stars in good positions, though one is in my 7-year old daughter's room. I'm feeling very conflicted now about buying this house. We will lose $2000 in earnest money if we pull out now and my husband will think I'm certifiable for being concerned about a "disaster star"...I'm considering cures as well as using the entrance into the kitchen on the side of the house as the main entrance. Can anyone give me some advice about this situation? I would greatly apprciate it!