We are incredibly pleased to announce a brand new course called Spiritual Codes. We worked with Marie Diamond over five years to create this one-of-a-kind course, and we know you will absolutely love it. Read on

Which one of these seven statements describes you much more than the remaining six?

1. I use words and ideas to influence others.
2. I tend to leave it to others to come up with ideas.
3. I prefer traditional or conventional ideas.
4. I am always jumping to the newest thing or idea.
5. I organize and label everything! I like to follow procedures.
6. I can be extraordinarily focused on my own ideas or those of my idol or mentor.
7. I have an abundance of ideas.

You should have found one of them to be spot on. It's part of a Code for what is happening in your life on the "mental" level. Recognizing it and knowing what to do about it can change your lifecompletely.

Can you guess which one describes me? Of course, it's #1. Do you see how I turned it into something that has a powerful impact in the world? Every day I'm writing words and sharing ideas to help you - and hundreds of thousands of others - reach your full potential.

There's also a negative aspect to the Codes above. For someone else, #1 could very well read "I use words to get my way and to control others." Can you see the negative side of yours?

So the question is: Which is dominant in your life?

You can learn to take your Mental Code, turn it into a positive attribute, embrace it in your life, and make it much easier to connect with your soul easier to let your soul drive your life instead of everything else pushing you here and dragging you there easier to know when you're living to your purpose.

Marie Diamond calls these the Spiritual Codes. They are connected with a particular way of being, which includes your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

When you know your Spiritual Codes, you understand what you have been up to, where you are going, and - more importantly - where you could be going in your ideal life.

The secrets of the seven Spiritual Codes

Each of the seven Spiritual Codes is known by one of the beautiful colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

Each has a keyword or main theme. The Red Code is will, as in resolution or conviction. The Orange Code is service. The Yellow Code is creativity. The Green Code stands for balance. The Blue Code is knowledge. The Indigo Code is devotion. And for the Violet Code, the main theme is magical order.

In Marie's new Spiritual Codes course, you will learn each Code in detail, exploring their influences on your life.

You will hear stories to help you understand the impact each Code can have and help you recognize a Code in yourself.

Being under the influence of the Codes is not optional.

Their influence is there whether or not you choose to work with them.

This is sacred knowledge you can use for a breakthrough in your life - use to support your hopes and dreams.

With this information you will gain clarity about your life, which can alleviate personal suffering and other emotional burdens and help you be more successful.

With this information you will uncover the light within as well as your connection to the universe. You will understand the truth of the journey you are on.

Marie Diamond is #2, an Emotional Orange Code

I mentioned that you have a Mental Code. You also have an Emotional Code.

If I were to write a list of seven statements about the Emotional Codes, the more negative side of #2, which is represented by the color orange, would be "I am so focused on others' needs; I do not take care of my own."

Marie and I share the same Monad Soul, which can be described as "manifesting a higher order for the world." No wonder we work so closely together!

We have different Soul Codes. Marie's can be described as "discoverer and true educator." Mine can be described as "creating extraordinary design." Can you see how our two Soul Codes greatly support each other?

Are you allowing the vibration of your spirit to steer your life? Or is your personality in charge?

Are you allowing your personality to take control of your mind, your emotions, and your physical actions? That's when the negative side of the Mental Code from the above list of seven takes over. Or the negative side of your Emotional Code or Physical Code.

Would it be better if your spirit directed your mind, emotions, and physical actions?

In Marie's Spiritual Codes course, you will learn how to overcome any crisis that your Personality Codes wreak in your life.

When you let your personality run the show, life does not flow as well.

You find yourself in crisis. But when you allow your spirit to guide you, you can deal calmly and effectively with any challenge, because you are living in concert with your heart's purpose.

When the personality is in charge, a Red Code personality will manipulate others. An Orange Code is apt to abuse alcohol or food or relationships. Yellow Codes obstinately believe they are always right. Green Codes cannot find balance, change jobs often, and are subject to mood swings. Blue Codes get stuck and lose track of what is important. Indigo Codes may be fanatic followers. Violet Codes can be drawn to dark energy.

But when the codes of your spirit, the Monad Code and Soul Code, are dominant, those challenging or negative personality traits transform into positive assets that help achieve your soul purpose instead of leading you off track.

Manipulation turns to positive persuasion. Mood swings become sustained enthusiasm. These new characteristics will propel you to your full and highest potential. All through the expert guidance of Marie Diamond in the new Spiritual Codes. course.

For your personal best,