This post is directed at people in this forum who can see auras on a regular basis. I have a few questions about what it's like to actually see auras to the point where it is a usable skill in your life. Feel free to answer as many or as few of these as you like.

1. How frequently do you see auras? Can you see auras pretty much constantly, or do you only see them for seconds at a time? Do you have to apply conscious effort to view auras? By effort I don't mean straining, but in the sense of making a conscious decision, having to stop moving for a bit or so on.

2. What do you see? Do you mostly just see people's auras, or other things as well, such as free-floating energy or non-physical entities?

3. Where do you see auras? This is kind of open-ended. I'm curious about where you actively choose to view auras, but also in what locations you are most likely to see auras regardless of effort or intent to see them.

4. When do you use aura seeing? Do you check people's auras when you walk into work? At sporting events? Do you use it to assist in healing or clearing energy?